About NuFood

We are a consulting firm specialized in improving participation in your food nutrition program


Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their operational and financial goals in creating a sustainable food nutrition program for their students. The NuFood Consultants team is a collective of experienced professionals that are truly passionate about creating effective solutions, learning, and most importantly listening to all of our clients. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and your food service team!


Concept Development/Evolution

“High top tables, lounge chairs, coffee, sushi? School lunch looks amazing different than what it used to look like when I was in school!” How do you want you cafeteria to look? School lunch is now exciting. There are so many seemingly arbitrary decisions that go into planning a new or renovated food service concept but how is anyone supposed to know if they are making the right ones? Before the student dining area can be transformed, NuFood Consultants must get an understanding of the clients operational intent for the future of the food service program. NuFood Consultants can help you with your customized cafeteria design.


Strategic Business Planning

NuFood Consultants have created a strategic planning service to assist clients in managing their existing fund balance and how to forecast their business’s potential with increased participation levels.


Request for Proposal (RFP)/Request for Quote (RFQ) (development + process)

Is your contract expiring?  Have you ever put out a request for proposal or quote? NuFood Consultants will assist with preparing written specifications for all equipment and assemble all of the documents indicated above for submittal to the FDACS (food service)/auditing agency. NuFood Consultants will work hand and hand with you to assess your current operation for what is working and what is not working to ensure your operational needs and expectations are met.


Operational Financial Assessment

NuFood Consultants will conduct a front to back assessment of your operation and create a multi-year comprehensive plan on how to operate at optimal efficiency.


Contract Compliance + Renegotiation

How do I know if my existing food service documents is in compliance? If they fail to meet these indicators, what effect does it have on my existing/future funding? Am I using the correct funds for purchasing equipment? Through extensive analysis of the various food service procurement documents and detailed financial analysis NuFood Consultants will help determine whether the terms of the agreement are in compliance.


Contract Management

NuFood Consultants offers contract management services for clients considering foodservice contract management or for clients with contracts due for renewal, re-negotiation or competitive proposal process.


Project Management

NuFood Consultants will provide turnkey project management services taking the team lead for the planning, design, and installation phases of your cafe and kitchen improvement projects.



NuFood Consultants can provide specialized training for various management and administrative functions supporting NSLP funded capital programs.


Life Cycle Program Management

NuFood Consultants will endeavor to sustain perpetual NSLP revenue generating operations in all schools by creating, managing, and maintaining a comprehensive life cycle based food service FF&E capital program. Leave the district wide assessments, specifications, design guidelines, equipment repair/replacement, MEP design for equipment projects, inspections, and installations to NuFood!


Construction Management

NuFood Consultants will oversee the planning, design, and construction of all projects from its beginning to end.


Food Service Real Estate Development

NuFood Consultants supports NSL programs throughout the nation by developing cold food storage sites with production and distribution capabilities.


Equipment Replacement

Ordering and purchasing kitchen equipment and supplies to include, but not limited to, serving lines, walk ins, refrigeration, custom fabrication heated cabinets, oven, hoods, and more.


Facility Production Management

Looking to build a commissary kitchen to increase efficiency? NuFood Consultants will design and build your facility based on the district needs and ensure optimum utilization of the facility. In addition, NuFood Consultants will assemble and train a full staff or provide a management contract selected through a competitive and qualifications based process to operated the facility.


Commercial Cold Storage Development

Market conditions have created a cold food storage crisis for NSLP in the state of Florida. NuFood Consultants is a certified licensed general contractor and experienced in the K-12 food service environment. NuFood Consultants can retrofit existing school or food service spaces to accommodate cold food storage, dry storage, and district wide scale meal production spaces.


Inventory Assessment

NuFood Consultants will conduct a full inventory assessment of each school cafeteria. The evaluation will be essential to understand maintenance and equipment replacement needs. NuFood Consultants can provide a basic FF&E up to date inventory or a full district wide assessment that can be rolled into a capital plan/program.