Fletcher High School

Fletcher High School is located in Neptune Beach, a suburb of Jacksonville in Florida and is part of the Duval County Public Schools district. Seniors and Juniors were allowed to leave campus for lunch due to an inadequate number of serving lines for expedient service and a less appealing environment in comparison to dozens of retail food establishments within a two-mile radius of the campus. The DCPS Food Service Department programmed excess NSLP funds to complete a full remodel of the cafeteria, kitchen, and adjacent courtyard spaces.

The Outcome

Some project highlights include:
• Increased Point of Sale/Serving Lines from two to five including three full reimbursable lines, one a la carte hybrid line, and one exterior/courtyard serving kiosk.
• Provided new serving line technologies that allowed for a full and comprehensive menu to be served at all stations
• Included a new kitchen design creating a manager’s office, providing kitchen AC, doubling the size of walk-in cooler/freezer space, installing an up to code hood system, new electrical panels, new kitchen equipment, new power soak and produce soak two/three compartment sinks, and upgraded floor/wall finishes
• Included new custom and modern café and courtyard furniture for an enhanced retail dining experience
• Including new café wall décor, paint, and signage specific to a re-branding of the school’s food service spaces and program
• Increased overall student participation, school spirit, and community pride in the school and the improved spaces
• Reduced the financial and resource burden for the facilities and maintenance departments who would have continued to fix and repair infrastructure in 84-year-old facility spaces
• Assisted the food service department in complying with federal regulations limiting net cash resources for the nonprofit NSLP program