Westside High School

Westside High School is a diverse large High School located on the westside of Jacksonville in Florida. Westside was struggling to get kids fed with only two full reimbursable lines and one recently added salad and cold sandwich line. In being recently renamed Westside high school the district was in the process of re-branding the school and a robust food service project had clearly become a way to support and collaborate with the overall school improvement efforts. This project was designed with district-wide equity in mind for food service remodel projects.

The Outcome

Some project highlights include:
• Increased Point of Sale/Serving Lines from three to five including four full reimbursable lines, and one a la carte hybrid line
• Provided new serving line technologies that allowed for a full and comprehensive menu to be served at all stations
• Included a new kitchen design creating a manager’s office, providing kitchen AC, doubling the size of walk-in cooler/freezer space, installing an up to code hood system, new electrical panels, new kitchen equipment, new power soak and produce soak two/three compartment sinks, and upgraded floor/wall finishes
• Included new custom and modern café and courtyard furniture for an enhanced retail dining experience
• Assisted the food service department in complying with federal regulations limiting net cash resources for the non-profit NSLP program